Ateet Ka Daman

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Title – Ateet Ka Daman (अतीत का दामन)
Genre – Short Stories
Language – Hindi
Place of publication – Delhi
Year of first publication – 2008
Year of second publication – 2010

“Ateet Ka Daman” is a collection of eleven short stories. The stories deal with social, economical and ritual problems of the society. They are also telling the readers about the so called society and how an individual deals with it and his own level. Some are able to succeed and some fail but the problems posed needs to be looked at.

Incidents happen in front of many people but only few can see them differently or analyze them. A writer analyzes them and puts them in the perspective so that a reader can understand in a better way. In these stories also there are common incidents but depicted in a way so that one associate himself with them.

“Wah Paagal” is a story of a poor man who suffers with the hands of society. “Ateet Ka Daman” deals with a typical society problem where a “Dabang” can do harm to anyone. While “Vastushatra” is a satire, “Band Raste” deals with a typical family where a girl suffers as their family is totally traditional and can not accept any other offer.

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