Ansila Vastra

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Title – Ansila Vastra ( अनसिला वस्त्र )
Genre – Novel
Language – Hindi
Place of publication – Delhi
Year of first publication – 2010

It is said that there is no harm in trying. This book also tells us to try to succeed. No doubt there are challenges and no doubt an individual has to face them in day today life, yet success belongs to those who try their best to achieve his goal. It is immaterial whether he succeeds or not yet it is important whether he tries or not.

Sadness, tension, discomfort, non-acceptance, meanness, lust etc. are part of life. A person who leads his life making them his companion has easy way ahead. Otherwise life becomes an unnecessary evil. One thing is sure whether you like it or not such circumstances affects everyone.

But human being is really very tolerant. He is able to live his life in any situation thrust upon him. Because of this reason he is able to go ahead and if he picks up confidence, he is able to achieve even the impossible.

In today’s world brotherhood is antique. Humanity is a casualty. And hence it is a challenge to keep it alive. Taking such a path to make humanity alive is an extraordinary work. We all should try to take such path to keep humanity alive.

Publisher Info
Akriti Prakashan
F-29, Sadatpur Extention
New Delhi- 110094
Contact: 011-22964516, 0968729991