Aatankwad : Ek Parichay

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Title – Aatankwad: Ek Parichaya (आतंकवाद : एक परिचय)
Genre – Narration
Language – Hindi
Place of publication – Delhi
Year of first publication – 2010

Terrorism is the most burning topic in the 21st century. It is a dangerous epidemic disease, which is spreading its tentacles all over the world. But till now no definition could be given which is accepted by one and all. Therefore, it needs a thorough study. This book deals with all the aspects of terrorism which are necessary to understand it.

It’s not a comment, but the information about terrorism and can be called as a reference book of terrorism. All the sixteen chapters will suggest the contents in a better way.

Chapter 1 : The concept of Terrorism : Origin-Development
Chapter 2 : Definitional aspects of terrorism
Chapter 3 : What is Terrorism
Chapter 4 : Kinds of Terrorism
Chapter 5 : Various reasons of Terrorism
Chapter 6 : Spread and challenges of Terrorism
Chapter 7 : Spread of Terrorism in India
Chapter 8 : Origin and Development of Naxalism in India
Chapter 9 : Some becomes Terrorist and Some are made
Chapter 10 : Review of reasons of Terrorism inIndia
Chapter 11 : Islamic Terrorism and Jihad
Chapter 12 : Strategies of combating Terrorism
Chapter 13 : Solution of Terrorism
Chapter 14 : Some general advices to deal with Terrorism
Chapter 15 : People’s role in preventing Terrorist Incidents
Chapter 16 : Various essays on Terrorism

Publisher Info
Akriti Prakashan
F-29, Sadatpur Extention
New Delhi- 110094
Contact: 011-22964516, 0968729991